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Longbow - Archery 3D 1.2

ScreenShot of Longbow - Archery 3D 1.2 by Jason Allen Longbow is a fun and realistic archery game in full 3D for Android devices. Can you shoot an apple of someone's head from 20 yards? Longbow simulates all aspects of archery. Hitting distant targets requires you to subtly adjust your aim and accurately judge the wind. Trees swaying in the breeze can give you a clue how strong the wind is. Each game is four rounds and one bonus round (try not to kill anyone!) Can you top the leader board? - Use your fingers to aim and draw your bow. - Three difficulty levels. - Try "Robin Hood" mode for an extra challenge! - Detailed 3D graphics and sound! - Looks great on phones and tablets! HOW TO PLAY: Slide one finger across the screen (thumb in the corner of the screen is usually best) to aim. While that finger is down, use another finger to...
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ArcadeGuardian PRO 1.1

ScreenShot of ArcadeGuardian PRO 1.1 by Erwin Jansen ArcadeGuardian PRO is a classic 2D shooter in which you will guard the safety of your people. The world has gone mad and several countries have combined to invade your country. Your job is to fight them off and stop them. You will have the choice to fight them with a AH64 Apache Attack Helicopter, a F22 fighter jet or the good old F-6F HellCat, but beware : All planes have their advantages and their disadvantages. In 5 great levels you will fight all sorts of enemies as well as in air as on the ground. Fly over frozen landscapes , engage enemies above the desert, over water and much more. At the end of each level a huge endboss will arise to fight you one on one. To make life a little more easy on you you can collect bonuses to upgrade your machineguns, health and even pick up heat-seeking...
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Gravity Block HD Premium 1.0

ScreenShot of Gravity Block HD Premium 1.0 by Playsteria “It’s a game for those seeking an accomplished old skool challenge with a modern Twist” “Gravity Block is perfect for puzzlers of all levels, with open solutions making it easy to complete, yet still challenging to master.” “I’ve been trying to think of a game that I’ve played that is similar to Gravity Block HD and I can’t, and I have to say, I like it.” Try out this new puzzle game that requires both intelligence and skill! Your task is to bring an inanimate cube to the exit point in 40 different levels. But, if you can't move the cube, how will you be able to do this? You have the ability to change the whole universe's gravity! You'll need to alter gravity direction to make the cube...
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Bunz Fighter 1.1

ScreenShot of Bunz Fighter 1.1 by Bunz Software Development Are you tired of poor graphics and repetitive game music? Don't worry, this game has 100% original graphics and music. All the planes and backgrounds in this game were created in 3D environment. This game also allows you to adjust the gameplay, graphic and sound settings in-game to suit your playing style and device functionality. You can have the even nicer graphic effects on a more advanced device such as iPod Touch 3rd Generation. "OMG! I failed to defeat the boss, I don't wanna to waste my time to play the whole stage again!" Don't worry! The auto-save game progress function of this game can save your time, you can directly return to the saved progress without playing the whole stage over again! Do not worry even if your gaming skills aren't that good. This game provides different...
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The Treasures of Montezuma 2 1.7.1

ScreenShot of The Treasures of Montezuma 2 1.7.1 by Alawar Entertainment, Inc Get your match-three fix now with this all-new Treasures of Montezuma sequel! With more levels, more game modes, more power-ups and awesome visual effects, you can expect the ultimate in jewel collecting, totem-triggering, explosive fun! Following the success of original The Treasures of Montezuma, we added new features to make the sequel an exceptional offering. The Treasures of Montezuma 2 features a redesigned Adventure Mode with three difficulty levels, allowing players who thought the original Montezuma was too hard to win and giving experienced gamers who crave a challenge a chance to turn up the heat. Think you can do even better? Then try the all-new Puzzle Mode, which will take all of your brainpower to beat! Looking for relaxing gameplay? Choose game’s Endless Mode and enjoy...
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Block Touch

ScreenShot of Block Touch by TopLineSoft Systems "Block Touch" is an addictive mind-challenging game. Game field is an area filled with square blocks of different colors. Player is able to select different sets of adjacent blocks of the same color and remove blocks earning scores. Minimum total scores must be achieved for a specified number of moves to get successfully to the next level. GAME FEATURES: ✭ Continuous gameplay - endless fun for puzzle lovers. ✭ Four difficulty levels of the game: . ☑ Easy . ☑ Normal . ☑ Hard . ☑ Very-Hard. ✭ Four types of power-ups: . ☑ Row/column shift . ☑ Reset of block colors . ☑ Extra scores . ☑ Bonus scores ✭ Game area rotation by finger or tilting left/right. ✭ Increase of game difficulty for each next level. ✭ Multi-level Undo for up to 100 steps back. ✭ High ...
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Fishy Tower Defense

ScreenShot of Fishy Tower Defense by Julie Royer The sea creatures are trying to take over the planet. Their plan: sink the continent so that the whole planet become a giant ocean! In this tower defense game, animals must be strategically placed to stop fish from reaching the targeted continent's weak points and digging their way through. Features: - Experience points to level up and improve your animals - 20 challenging maps - 4 difficulty levels Version history: *Indicated submission date; effective update is delayed by approx. a week. 1.2 ('11-10-09) - New 'Extreme' difficulty - Difficulty levels balance - Reallocation of Animal Points enabled 1.1 ('11-08-01) - Fix crashes in trial mode 1.0 ('11-07-25) - Initial launch
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Mortal Skies 1.09

ScreenShot of Mortal Skies 1.09 by Erwin Jansen 1944, You are one of the last pilots to stop an invading hostile superpower. Will you succeed to destroy them and turn the tide of World War 2 ? This game offers ingame purchases, this is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL, everything you can buy can also be unlocked by completing levels and/or achievements. Mortal Skies is a Classic Shoot Em Up arcade action game with action packed gameplay and awesome graphics. Discover this fast paced 2d shooter with hours, even days of fun. Collecting all achievements will keep you challenged to unlock extra planes. Features: - 3d rendered planes to fly with like the awesome spitfire and other ww2 warbirds - Earn XP to improve your plane's settings (speed,bullitpower,armor and bonusses). - Buying ingame items, this is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL, everything you can buy can...
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ScreenShot of COMMAND & CONQUER RED ALERT (World) 1.1.1 by Electronic Arts THE COLD WAR IS HOT AGAIN! Experience real-time Command & Conquer strategy with Multiplayer Mode. SKIRMISH IN 3 DIFFERENT DIFFICULTY LEVELS Now implemented for Skirmish Mode, choose from 3 three levels of difficulty, from Easy to Hard. Enjoy a challenge that matches your RTS experience. ESCALATE THE ACTION IN MULTIPLAYER MODE Now go head-to-head against your strongest opponents via WiFi and Bluetooth. ACHIEVE VICTORY WITH TOUCHSCREEN POWER Drag and scroll to gauge the battlefield. Pinch-zoom in and out of the action. Select and move units with a tap. Control multiple units at once! CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE FACTION Fight for Soviet domination or battle to restore peace with the Allies. Deploy military might unique to each side and engage...
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Air Hockey

ScreenShot of Air Hockey by Lucky Game The coolest air hockey game comes to your phone! Any feedback please email us, because we can’t reply on comments. Thanks very much for all your support in our games! If you like Basketball, Glow Hockey or other sports games, you shouldn’t miss this game. Extremely cool designed graphics, colorful particle effects, realistic physics, super-smooth gameplay and vivid soundtrack! Both 1 player mode and 2 players mode are provided, addictive and thrilling! Challenge yourself with the computer opponent in the 1 player mode. There are 4 difficulty levels to choose. The Insane level is fabulously crazy to play! Coordinating your hands and eyes, challenge with your friend in the 2 players mode on just one device. You can experience real game feeling just like in game room. Keep your nerve...
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